Thursday, 2 February 2012

Omelette rice bento

What do you do when you have some leftover curry and rice from dinner? Turn it into tomorrow's lunch of course! Although, it doesn’t have to be boring. With just a few extra ingredients, turn leftovers into an indulgent lunch. 

Mix a few spoonfuls of the curry (and the vegetables in it) into a bowl of rice and coat evenly. This saves you further seasoning your rice. Beat an egg and season it with some salt and pepper. Pour the egg into an oiled pan on medium heat. Swivel the pan around until the egg is spread into a thin layer covering the entire base of the pan. Remove from heat as soon as there are no runny parts to the egg. 

Place your rice in a semi-circular pile on one half of the omelette, and fold the other half over the rice. Garnish with some fried frankfurters and chilli sauce.

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