Thursday, 25 July 2013

Return from hiatus

After a long absence, I'm back with more mouth watering Malaysian recipes. I've been perfecting my take on classic dishes as well as polishing new fusions I'm blending up in my kitchen.

Before we plunge into a large list of recipes for you to try at home, I'd like to recap with photos of my recent dining experience at Gary Rhodes' 24.

The meal
Starter- White asparagus soup, soft poached duck egg, almond crumble and almond puree
Main course - Pan fried sea trout, tempura of scallops, oyster mushrooms, sweet corn puree and tarragon butter sauce
Dessert - Bramley apple mousse, custard and macadamia ice cream

Food: 8/10 (Excellent contemporary British menu. Personally, I would have preferred a smaller starter and bigger main.)
Atmosphere: 8/10 (view overlooking the Gherkin from floor 24 was great)
Service: 8/10 (the table was not ready for the booked time, but the waiters made a fuss over us)
Value for money: 7/10 ( pricey end of dining experience)
Extra points: Complimentary appetizers (beetroot soup with horseradish and walnut oil) and mini desserts trio (lemon cheesecake, blueberry muffins and berry truffles) and French wine on the menu. Yummy!

Verdict: 9/10. A good place to splurge or celebrate a special occasion.

Watch out for a kuih recipe, coming soon!

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